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iPilot B737NG Aircraft Study Guide v3.1

Want to study aircraft systems on the B737NG while commuting or deadheading? Need to refresh your systems knowledge for re-current ground school or an exam? Want an easy way to study without the hassle of grabbing your books and opening to page xx?

Now you can!

iPilot B737NG Aircraft Study Guide is designed to help you study the B737NG systems in the palm of your hand. The easy use of flash cards and images will help you better retain operational systems information of the B737NG.

This application will not teach you how to fly the airplane it is simply an application to complement the training program you may already be in. iPhone OS 3.0 required.

Newest Features:

- Ability to edit or delete included cards
- Update email address for support
- Improved Stability
- iPhone Device orientation for upside down
- This update is unable to share custom cards with older
versions of iPilot B737NG App

This App Includes:

- Over 550 flash cards currently in the application
- Create Edit and Add custom flash cards to any category for immediate use
- Choose single or multiple systems to study at any given time
- Option to view 25 50 75 100 or ALL selected system flash cards
- Flash cards will appear in random order and not repeat patterns to foster memory retention
- Tag cards for review if additional study is desired
- Utilize the Search function to find and study specific flash cards
- Application will retain selected card order even if you close the application or receive a phone call
- Share custom flash cards via bluetooth
- Create/delete custom categories
- View all category cards in order
- App based email support to developer
- Universal iPad/iPhone application
- iPhone OS 4.0 multitasking support
- iPhone 4 HD graphics support
- iPad graphics support

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