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iCram Master v2.0

iCram Master is designed to make studying flash cards versatile and fun. Creating, studying (or cramming) and exchanging flash cards with friends and classmates is easy. Flash Cards are organized into Sections. Sections organized into Decks and Decks orgainzed into Collections. Single or multiple sections within Deck(s) and/or Collection(s) can be studied together to vary the study experience. iCram Master allows you to view cards in random order with the question side up or jeopardy style with the answer side up. A free deck of US State facts comes with every purchase.

App comes loaded with an editable US States deck organied into 1 Collection, 1 Deck and 50 Sections (each US State): Items included for each state are: Abbreviations, Birds, Capitals, Fish, Flowers, Insects, Mottos, Nicknames, Songs, Trees, Statehood Date, Statehood Number. Great for anyone learning about the US States. You can even add your own information to this deck.

With card sharing you can exchange card(s) to/from any Collection, Deck or Section with other iCram Master users, FREE! Flash Cards installed with the application will not be shared with other users.

Buy iCram Master and start creating and exchanging flash cards with everyone today!

Newest Features:

- Application was completely re-written for iOS 10.0 and later
- Improved card studying options and combinations
- Organize cards within a Section, Deck and Collection
- Better Search functionality
- New and improved sharing of cards
- Added help bubbles to describe functionality
- Designed to be readable at user accessability settings

This App Includes:

- Create new card decks and flash cards right on your device
- Flash cards are organized into sections within each card deck
- View all cards in a single category or sequential order
- Combine one or more sections, decks, collections to study together in a random order
- Choose a limited number of cards to study from selected sections
- Search feature allows you to search for specific flash cards and study that information
- While viewing any card, add it to the review pile if additional study is required
- Create and edit any flash card as needed
- Each card can be assigned a color when created or edited
- 14 card colors to choose from

Buy iCram Master and start creating and exchanging flash card decks with friends and classmates today!

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